Sunday, January 29, 2012

Adzuki Beans and Green Peppers

A couple years ago, I bought a vegan cookbook and found a delightful looking recipe for a soup involving adzuki beans. I gathered the ingredients, cooked the dried beans, and then realized when tasting them, that they were red beans. In Chinese cooking, these are usually referred to as red beans, and almost always only used for desserts. Something about eating them in savory dishes usually makes me feel... odd.
Like something is just off. 
Kind of like the panic I have when I don't remember if I left the curling iron on and I'm fifteen minutes away from my house. 
I don't know if it's mental, or what. It just usually feels weird to eat red beans in a savory dish. 

'Cause I totally had a half a cup of them languishing in a jar in my cabinet, and although red bean jello sounds totally amazing, I would rather use them on something savory because I really don't need to eat more sweets. 

Recipe is taken from Lisa's Kitchen

Differences between her adaptation and mine:
  • I used half the amount of adzuki beans.
  • I used slightly more tamari than what would have been half because it was slightly dull tasting. 
  • Otherwise I did my best to follow her recipe. 

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