Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fail Rutabaga 'Omelette'

I'd like to think that life is an extended lesson. I'd like to think I'm always learning things.
One thing I learned last night is that pretending to be drunk and running away from your dance partner yelling "WHERE IS MY BOO" in hopes that you'll lose aforementioned partner in the crowd is pretty high up on the list of "worst exit strategies possible."
Also known as my list of "Commonly used exit strategies."

I learned today that if rutabagas are not properly cooked, they taste really fibrous.
I learned that I cannot gracefully get a flat omelette out of a pan.
On a related note, I can't make flip normal omelettes either.

That's a rutabaga. I didn't know, either, until I saw one in my CSA box. 

I think a better description would have been scrambled eggs with undercooked rutabaga that happens to look a lot like fried potatoes. 
So yay, breakfast for dinner. 

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