Sunday, December 11, 2011

White Bean and Radicchio Stew

My CSA box had a huge head of radicchio chilling in the bottom. I wasn't really sure what to do with it, since I haven't ever had it in any way other than as part of a salad. So, to Google I went! The question was, what to make? Salad didn't sound like a very good idea. I'm still super sick, and I wanted something with less... texture for dinner. Soup would have been ideal, probably, but I didn't really run into any recipes I liked the idea of... Until I saw the one for White Bean and Radicchio Stew at Nytimes.

It was pretty when it was all ripped up and being cleaned :(

I found on Nytimes this recipe, and it looked pretty good. I more or less followed it to the letter, so I'm not going to bother copying it out. The only difference is that I halved the recipe.

...Not so pretty when it's done cooking, unfortunately.

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