Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Black Bean and Squash Tacos!

One of my friends argued with me that this is, by definition, not a taco, because of a lack of meat.I still think this is a taco, but what do I know?
I didn't actually tell him it had soy sauce in it, though. Cause then I guess he could be right :(
I'm pretty much 100% certain I took the idea for these from the post punk kitchen, but I haven't been there in ages, so I doubt I followed the recipe that thoroughly.
I didn't grow up eating Mexican food in any form, so wrapping anything in a tortilla and calling it a taco doesn't seem unjust.

1/2 an acorn squash
1/2 cup cooked black beans
Tbsp minced cilantro
1 baby bell pepper, diced (approximately half a normal bell pepper)
1 chili, seeded and minced (thai of course because that's all I have)
1 tbsp soy sauce
Salt, pepper to taste

After slicing the acorn squash in half, I heated a pot of water to boiling and placed the squash in aforementioned water for approximately 3 minutes. This is supposed to make it easier to peel. Who knows if it works.

Aww, doesn't it look like it wants to be eaten? It's a freaking heart omg <3

After peeling, chop the squash into cubes. Place cubes in a pan covered with foil; toss with olive oil. Set oven to 400 and roast until starting to brown.
Then, add to a pan with a bit of olive oil, and start to saute. Add the soy sauce, chili, and black beans  after about a minute and cook for about 5 minutes. Place in tacos, and garnish with cilantro and bell pepper.

What the hell is wrong with my hand??

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